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Medical Practices

Seamlessly connect your practice to the correct life science experts and resources needed at your office when you need them.

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Get Instant Access To Reps With Efficient Workflow Designs

REPCONX provides instant access to life science experts so medical practices can focus their time on patient care. 

Approved experts book meetings online and the Repconx platform automatically enforces custom visitation policies, offers suggestions, and delivers insights and up to date reports to continually improve the education of your team members.

Automate Rep Scheduling

Repconx delivers efficient rep meeting automation. Simply create a visitation calendar, set your rules, and Repconx will handle the rest.

Your policy will be automatically enforced, and notifications will provide all the information your reps need to arrive prepared to deliver the highest quality education to you and your staff members.
Invite your reps with a click
Fast online registration
Fully customizable rules and preferences
Auto reminders and confirmations prevent no-shows

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