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About repconx

The flow

Build Profile

Build office profile and individual provider profiles. 1 Day in total

engage Rep

REP Subscribes to Med Rep Connect and fills out company and product profiles.

They request to book an appointment with your office


MRC validates the rep’s information with our algorithm. Employee double checks the information for accuracy.

The request is put into que for the next quarterly P&T meeting with MRC healthcare providers


If MRC Validates:

The medication has access to preferred status on top PBM plans, The medication has clinical data and safety data that shows an improvement to what is currently prescribed

The medication is currently prescribed and has important label, safety, or market access changes

MRC and office discusses adding a virtual appointment to the calendar of the providers in the office that have the greatest need to connect


Follow up with office manager after appointments on a quarterly basis to determine areas of success and areas of opportunities to improve

Follow up for rep is scheduled if HCP approved for 6-12 months from initial appointment

The Why

IMPROVED Patient care and patient outcomes when medical professionals have the most up to date pharmaceutical drug information that is tailored to the specific needs of the practice and the disease states that are treated

EFFICIENT with no time wasted by office managing representatives

ACCURATE information vetted by in house P&T committee

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