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Life Science Vendors

REPCONX is more than just a calendar management company

REPCONX is a data driven company that helps schedule dedicated time with healthcare providers who want the clinical information your life science company has to share.

REPCONX Is driven to help the life science community in their desire to educate healthcare professionals on available medications and services for the successful outcomes in patient care

REPCONX is dedicated to opening doors and providing access to the healthcare providers that have the most to gain from using your medication and services

  • If approved you can book appointments online with available offices in your area

  • Dedicated time with Healthcare Providers that are interested in your product

  • Request early access and special appointments due to new product launches, changes in indications, changes in managed care, new clinical data, etc…

  • Request access to health care professionals that are not in our system and a team of professionals will work to get a virtual visit scheduled

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