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REPCONX is more than just a calendar management company, we are a DATA analysis company that helps your office understand which life science companies and reps have the most impact on patient care.

Not all health care institutions are the same.

Each account is different in their patient population which includes differences in:

  • Managed care accepted

  • Prescription plans used by patients

  • Disease states and disease severity

  • Population demographics including age, income, education, etc…


All of these differences require a tailored approach to vendor management


  • Healthcare providers profile built into virtual system that gives your office the ability to identify the most impactful life science companies that have the greatest impact on patient care

  • Online scheduling with vendors for streamlined calendar management

  • Leverage virtual or in-person visits that best fit your clinic’s needs

  • Notifications sent automatically to office staff and vendors

  • Health care professionals speak to life science companies whose product can be written with limited push back from prescription benefit plans

  • IMPROVE EFFICIENCY while staying updated on important medications


Internal Medical Review available for healthcare providers requesting insights for new medications by in house clinical pharmacy team to analyze data.

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